The Seurat Light

The post-impressionist painter Georges Seurat studied the science of light, and his breakthrough pioneered two post-impressionist painting styles that captivated the world. Just like our namesake, Seurat Technologies is changing the way the world looks at light.

The Power to Make Anything 

Our Team Members

Our Team 

Drew Kissinger

Principal Mechanical Engineer

Drew brings machine ideas to reality, and passionately pursues design excellence

Robert Van Der Bijl

Controls Engineering Director

One of Seurat’s first employees, Robbert’s passion is in ensuring process and product excellence

Harold Chittick

Senior Program Manager

Harold has a passion for leading teams in the development of innovative new products that revolutionize the world.

Kourosh Kamshad

VP of Engineering

Kourosh takes inventions and turns them into products - real, industrial products

Frank Leard

Principal Optics Engineer

Frank is an inventor and technologist, passionate about bringing metal printing to the mass market

Sue Kras

Principal Optics Engineer

Sue, the photon wrangler, makes sure every photon arrives on time in the right place

Tom Burness

IT Director

IT Leader and Business Partner - Tom believes IT is a business enabler and focuses on operational excellence

Andy Bayramian

Chief Scientist

Inventor of Area Printing, and Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit

Thare MacDonald

Senior Equipment Engineer

Thare makes it real. From safety to facility to process, Thare’s hands are on it.

Craig Garvin

Electro Optics Manager

The only thing Craig loves more than cool technology is making it work

James DeMuth

Co-Founder & CEO

Inventor, Founder and Leader - James sees the future, and it’s bright with lasers

Richard Grylls

Commercial Director

Richard has over 20 years’ experience bringing metal AM technologies to the global marketplace across all industries

Greg Brown

Director of Global Supply Chain

Greg has spent over 30 years identifying and building the optimum value proposition through best practices in Global Procurement.

Ning Duanmu

Director of Process Engineer

A systems thinker and problem solver, Ning uncovers the invisible mechanisms to print beautiful parts.

Erik Toomre

Co-Founder & Advisor

The Co-founder who makes it all happen. Operational excellence is in his DNA

Selim Elhadj

Senior Scientist

Selim works on cutting edge technology development based on the science of high power laser-matter interactions and the principles of solid states physics

We believe in the promise of 3D printing.

We believe in the need for resilient, scalable, sustainable manufacturing methods.

We believe in transforming the way the world makes metal.